Capture Your Special Day: What is Included in a Wedding Videography Package?

Planning a wedding? Learn what is included in most basic wedding videography packages such as full video of the wedding, highlights video, raw images of the wedding day, cinematic video of couple & more.

Capture Your Special Day: What is Included in a Wedding Videography Package?

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, and capturing the special moments of your big day is essential. Most basic wedding videography packages include a full video of the wedding and a video of the highlights, sometimes along with raw images of the wedding day. This typically includes a 1 to 2 minute cinematic video in which you and your partner appear, 2 to 4 hours of filming in 1 or 2 locations, and a digitally enhanced DVD of your event with the music of your choice. Travel to areas outside of Northern, CA may need to be traveled.

If you have space within your budget and you're interested in seeing your wedding the way your guests did, especially if you missed a lot of moments while you were in another area taking pictures, it's worth hiring a videographer. Limelight San Antonio can provide you with a full list of pricing models and packages by contact; simply contact them to schedule a free consultation before booking and confirm that this studio will have everything a client needs to have their wedding captured in an effective and artistic way. A wedding videography package should answer the most basic questions about the services of a videographer. Most videographers, even if they work alone, will bring at least two cameras to cover a wedding.

Some videographers offer all the unedited and unedited images of your big day in their wedding videography packages, while others may set the price separately. It's important to note that although having the right equipment is important, having the skills to take photos, white balance and compose shots correctly is also essential. Evans, a wedding photographer and videographer from Southern California who photographs weddings in destinations around the world, is an excellent choice for couples looking for quality services for their wedding celebration. Visit Squinted Cinema to see a San Antonio-based wedding videography studio with a stellar reputation when it comes to providing local couples with invaluable services for their wedding celebration.

Fortunately, you can hire a photographer and videographer to capture just about every moment, big or small, of your wedding. If you want to film other moments besides your wedding day (such as your bride's rehearsal dinner or photo session), this will also have an additional cost. These videos, including the most outstanding and wedding videos, will be edited professionally, and will also be set to music and delivered to them via USB or through an online platform. With months of preparation and excitement before your wedding, you'll ultimately only be able to experience it once.

We carefully craft your wedding film using the perfect shots, the perfect narration and the perfect musical track.