A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Wedding Photography

When it comes to capturing special moments on your big day there are two main types of photography: classic & traditional & photojournalism. Learn more about different types & styles here!

A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Wedding Photography

When it comes to capturing the special moments of your wedding day, there are two main types of photography to consider: classic and traditional, and photojournalism. Classic and traditional photography is similar to the one that the parents of many couples have at their weddings. These simple photographs may not be very creative; they are usually taken at eye level and posed, but they stand the test of time. Photojournalism, also known as documentary, is one of the most popular wedding photography styles, and with good reason.

While the real definition differs from photographer to photographer, these are generally candid photos that make you feel as if you were immersed in the event as it happens in real time. We love the photojournalistic style of wedding photography because it allows us to see the pure and authentic emotion on everyone's faces, rather than the forced gaze that can sometimes appear in posed photos. Another popular style is editorial photography, which is often confused with photojournalism. Think of the style of editorial photography as your own photo session for a magazine, like something out of Vanity Fair or Vogue. It is often confused with the photojournalistic style, but there are some clear differences.

When talking about the editorial style, Holzinger described it as a style that “allows the photographer to act as a director. This allows me to use accessories so that they interact naturally, so that they can be deployed in front of the camera. Dark and melancholic wedding photography is another popular style. The basis of this type of photography is to use light to create drama. This light can be natural, like that of the sun, or produced with the lighting equipment you bring for the big day.

The photographer is likely to play with sharp lines created by shadow and light. It's a very cinematic style of wedding photography. These photos are also often improved in the editing process to give an even more dramatic feel. Next, check out 10 wedding photo pose ideas for each type of couple and find out how long it normally takes to recover wedding photos. When it comes to understanding wedding photography styles, there are three main components to consider: reportage, lifestyle or posed photographs, and fine art wedding photography. Sophie says that some women give these images to their spouses before the wedding or as a wedding gift.

Most wedding photographers will combine reportage photography with lifestyle or posed photographs and will provide guidance to help the couple look their best. It is recommended that you consult several complete wedding albums to make sure that you like and understand the photographer's vision and analyze what you need. Reportage used to be the most common type of wedding photography, but now even the most traditional photographers also capture candid photos in this style. While this will provide stunning photographs and genuine emotions, which come to life thanks to the photographer's artistic vision, this type of wedding photographer is usually happy to take some formal photos as well. If you're not sure what style of wedding photography you like best, this helpful article helps you explain the different jargon and styles on offer. Wedding photography is a key part of your big day, as it creates a lasting record and memory of such a special day.

We have a full article on the prices of wedding photographs and what to expect from each price range. Fine art wedding photography is one of the most popular styles today. It's characterized by unposed, natural-looking photographs that follow the day as it unfolds. Rather than being a fly on the wall, like a true photojournalist, fine art wedding photographers focus on the day by carefully choosing locations, lighting, composition, style, and poses, in an effort to create an artistic story of the wedding day. Reportage is another name for what is described as photojournalistic or documentary style wedding photography elsewhere.

Reporting is not a completely new approach but has become fashionable in recent years in terms of wedding photography.