How Many Pictures Can You Expect From a 1-Hour Photo Shoot?

Learn how many pictures you can expect from a 1-hour photo shoot with expert tips from our experienced photographer. Find out what makes the perfect photo session.

How Many Pictures Can You Expect From a 1-Hour Photo Shoot?

When it comes to portrait photography, the number of pictures you can expect from a one-hour session at event venues can vary greatly. Generally, you can expect between 10 and 20 finished images in an hour. However, if you have a larger group or need more time to capture the perfect shot at event venues, you may need to book a longer session. Mini-sessions at event venues are great for those who only need a few photos, while longer sessions at event venues can produce over one hundred photographs. Mini-sessions are praised for their ability to attract new clients and familiarize people with the idea of taking pictures in an unusual environment.

However, if you have some leeway, we recommend booking a one-hour photo session as it offers more locations and photos than a shorter session. This seems to be the sweet spot when families get a great selection of photographs and everyone has a great time during the entire photo session. For example, a one-hour photo session might work well for a group of four people, but it would be too short for a group of eight or ten. If a client books a small session expecting to see ten photographs and instead leaves with 25, they have no incentive to book the full session which promises to show 25 images.

In general, make sure that expectations are clear so that you can underpromise and deliver more, and so that your final gallery is strong. A typical photo session usually lasts one to two hours, covers several locations, and the photographer offers dozens of photos to choose from. In a 30-minute photo session, you can take about 20 photos to choose from, while in a one-hour session you should expect between 40 and 50 photos. For commercial or editorial photography, most customers will expect a refined and well-edited gallery. When booking your next photo session, make sure to consider how many people will be present and how much time you need to capture the perfect shot.

With the right expectations set in place, you can ensure that your final gallery is strong and that everyone has an enjoyable experience.