Do Wedding Photographers Offer Prints?

Wedding photographers offer prints as part of their packages. Learn more about print rights and publication forms from an expert in photography.

Do Wedding Photographers Offer Prints?

Print packages are often associated with volume photography, such as school or sports photography, but wedding and portrait photographers can also benefit from offering packaged prints. Many photographers provide their clients with both edited and unedited photos with reprint rights, while others only make them available to view online and print in their preferred laboratory. If you're not a professional photographer with no experience in photography, then paying for prints can be expensive. With the help of digital cameras and smartphones, your guests can easily create an online gallery before the wedding is even over. Your wedding day is a special occasion and it's easy to forget the details.

As someone who is new to photography, I had many questions about print rights and publication forms. You can search for sellers on this site or Google your state's wedding photographer to get an idea. I decided to keep the photos on a CD and make some scrapbooks for family and friends who attended the wedding. This blog post answered all my questions in an easy to understand way and also provided some useful tips for photographers. I was told that I could only get overpriced prints (with a high markup) when what I really wanted were digital files at a lower cost.

My most affordable package included digital negatives, a print credit, 2 photographers, an online gallery, a test magazine and more than 24 hours of image editing to correct color, imperfections, lost hair, special editions, the conversion to black and white and sepia, etc. It's important to take good photos but it's also essential that they be edited to achieve color balance, lighting, brightness on the faces, etc. I think it's an excellent price, especially if you are photographers of training. I heard of someone who charged 600 dollars for just one CD with the prints. Usually, if you have to order copies through the photographer, they cost around 26 dollars; 4 or more for a 4 x 6 inch print.

It never occurred to me to order unedited files or even RAW files, even though I'm an expert in photography. An IT friend boasted that his photographer used a very generic web format for his tests and that he simply accessed the file system and downloaded all his prints. In conclusion, wedding photographers offer prints as part of their packages. It's important to research different packages before making a decision so you can get the best value for your money. You should also consider ordering unedited files or RAW files if you're an experienced photographer.